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Ninth Wave Publishing LLC represents Jen Delyth, and other artists. Please contact us for licensing Celtic Art by Jen Delyth to quality design companies, book publishing, music and film projects, and individual creative projects.

Please note that we do not license Jen's Celtic Tree of Life design for commercial company logos of any kind, as it is our own company logo and trademark.

For other Licensing Inquiries email artist www.celticartstudio.com


Celtic Tree of Life - Y Goeden Bywyd

An original design by Welsh artist Jen Delyth ©1989

The Tree of Life is perhaps Jen Delyth's most well known and appreciated design that she created in 1989. This is an original, contemporary design, not based on any ancient or modern Celtic pattern. It is taking root as a modern Celtic Folk motif to speak of the interconnection of all living things - however, it is not a public domain image.


All art work published and licensed through Ninth Wave Publishing LLC, including all illustrations on this web site copyright Jen Delyth 1990-2020.

None of these original contemporary designs are public domain or shareware. PLEASE do not copy images from this site without asking permission from the artist

For Licensing Inquiries email artist


The designs on this site are contemporary, created within the style of traditional Celtic art, but as new original creations, including our logo the Celtic Tree of Life ©1989 which is not based on a traditional design, but is Jen's original work. This design is used exclusively by Ninth Wave Publishing Inc, and represents our company, and is our legal trade mark and intellectual property Jen Delyth© 1990 All rights reserved.
Therefore, we do not give permission for this design to be used or licensed for commercial use outside of Ninth Wave Publishing. If you see this design in a clip art collection, or appearing online without appropriate credit, or on a non-Ninth Wave Publishing product - then it is probably being used unauthorized, and we appreciate you letting us know so we can prevent its continuing to be used improperly info


Personal Tattoos - You do not need to request permission to use one of our designs as a one time personal tattoo.

We do request a donation to the artist, if you choose her artwork for your tattoo. Many thousands of people have chosen the Celtic Tree of Life design for their tattoo.. Support the artists !


Give something back to the artist for the artwork you will enjoy for many years... and receive a personal thankyou!

Jen also enjoys receiving pictures of your body art, and to hear your appreciation and stories. Enjoy your positive, original piece of art by Jen Delyth - say thanks here.


For Non-Commercial Web illustration we can offer some authorized versions of Jen's artwork which MUST have appropriate credit and LINK back to our site next to the design, and if possible embedded into the design. Link to watermarked images for web Illustration webmaster links Credit should read: "Artwork name" - an original design by Jen Delyth ©1989-2020" - Please also make sure you link back to us at http://www.celticartstudio.com


We are happy to provide artwork and text to Publishers for non-commercial illustrative only use, such as magazine illustration, web illustrations. However, we do require authorization through our company, according to our terms of use.

Credit must ALWAYS be given next to or near the image, and a link to our company web site.. Please contact email artist www.celticartstudio.com
We also are available to license Jen's Artwork to quality publishers, and for creative projects.

Along with the high resolution artwork that can be provided, a formal licensing agreement is an essential part of the process and cost of professional licensing. Commissions take time, and personal attention, so only serious requests please.

NO commercial reproductions are allowed using any of Jen Delyth's Artwork without valid license from Ninth Wave Publishing Inc. email artist

We do NOT license Jen Delyth's Tree of Life design ©1989 for company LOGOS since it is our own personal trademarked company logo.

We understand and appreciate the many requests we receive to use Jen's Tree of Life as a Logo, or to represent a non-profit organisation. It is not easy for us to turn down the requests we receive from creative and positive businesses and non-profits. However, it would be impossible for us to protect our design from the public domain without our strict policy in place, and we have been consistent in actively restricting use of the design to Ninth Wave Publishing & Celtic Art Studio as our company symbol since it was created in 1989. Thank you for helping us maintain the special protection we reserve for this design.

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Celtic Art by Jen Delyth

Jen Delyth's original Celtic Tree of Life design has become a well known symbol for the interconnection of all living things. It represents Jen's artwork, and company Ninth Wave Publishing - Celtic Art Studio. Please check our licensing Page for more information.

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